Is Being SELFish OK?

That’s a big one, isn’t it?

Is being SELFish OK?

An invitation to exchange flawed premises (routes to UNhappiness) for supportive beliefs (routes to JOY).

Many of us don’t feel very successful in their pursuit of JOY and their desire to do good.
We are trained to buy in to flawed premises that are very successful roads to UNhappiness …

  • We think we are not good (enough) or not complete
  • We think we need to become something we are not in order to be good
  • We look outside of us to decide what is good, what is correct, what is right for us
  • We trust our conditioned thinking more than our emotions
  • We think there are limited resources, there is not enough for everyone (and for us), we fear lack
  • We believe being selfish is wrong
  • We think that love is something we get or give
  • We worship hard work, pain and sacrifice
  • We think we need to protect ourselves for all we fear could go wrong
  • We believe that action is the dominant player to realize what we want

How about changing those premises for these?
And (re-)training ourselves into believes that are roads to success an and JOY …

  • I am good as I am, I always have been and I always will be
  • I am free to think what I think, believe what I believe and want what I want
  • I am the only one who can know what is right for me
  • My emotions are my guidance system, are the voice of my inner being
  • Resources are unlimited and I am an eternal being
  • It is good to be selfish and make it a priority to feel good and take are for myself first
  • I AM love: love is me being connected to the goodness that I am
  • I worship feeling good, the path of least resistance and effortless creation
  • Well being is the basis of life
  • My thinking and feeling is the most dominant player to realize what I want

I believe we all are innate good beings, with a desire to do good, to uplift, to support, to share, to give and receive. When we decide to be selfishly focused on feeling good, being and doing good to others will be the inevitable, natural consequence.

Image: Pixabay
Inspiration: Abraham-Hicks

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