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It always surprised me how powerful telephone or online coaching can be. From the first times I had telephone sessions with clients to the manifold online training- and coaching sessions during the last years, these experiences have learned me that distance doesn’t matter at all. Both 1-on-1 as well as in working with groups.

Sometimes I hear from people that they prefer meeting in person, for example because they are very sensitive en exchange of energy is important for them. And in particular that has been so surprising for me concerning online coaching: the experience of connection, of exchange of energy is mostly as powerful as were it an in person encounter. Sometimes even stronger, as it appears. This applies to telephone sessions as well, where – other than with online meetings – there is no visual contact at all.

For me it has been amazing how strong another can be felt, and another can feel me, when being miles apart, sometimes even thousands of miles and many time zones. My first experiences in this regard was with giving distant sessions Reconnective Healing. During such a session the telephone or internet contact is even completely disconnected for the length of the healing, meaning there is no auditive or visual contact at all. And some of the most transforming experiences shared by clients in their testimonials (partly Dutch!) happened during an online coaching session.

The benefits of online coaching are obvious. No travel time and costs and no parking issues. In addition more time slots available to schedule appointments, because it is possible from any location where you have the privacy of being alone in a room without being disturbed as long as telephone or internet connection is available.

To engage in online coaching the following is required:

  • good, fast internet connection
  • webcam (integrated in tablets, smartphones and many laptops)
  • microphone  (integrated in tablets, smartphones and many laptops)
  • preferably a headset with ear phones and mic (if you use your smart phone, your phone headset will do)
  • in addition software or an app like Skype, ooVoo or Facetime.

Almost any modern smart phone and tablet (both iOS and Android) are appropriate for online coaching / video conferencing.

Would you like to check with me or online coaching suits you, you can mail me (, call me (+31 6 242 131 33) or Skype me (cramerscoach). Time zone GMT+1 (Amsterdam).

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