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In December 2012 I “ignorantly” attended to an event called the “Heart Summit”, by a young guy named Christian Pankhurst. At the time I knew nothing about Christian’s work or Heart Intelligence. I briefly watched a video of Christian years before, in a time that he was presented as “Dr. Love” – the video was about improving relationships. However I didn’t follow up on that, his presence very much resonated and was kept as a memory. In 2012 I came across an invitation for the “Heart Summit” and what I saw of that appealed to me as a great opportunity to meet and be with like minded (and hearted) people and just enjoying 4 fabulous days. What I experienced was beyond any expectation and – without knowing anything about it in advance – I got introduced to Heart Intelligence. I was in awe. Everything I had been doing in my life, and how my practice as a coach had been developping, seemed to come together and integrate in the philosophy, concepts and practice Christian shared. What I had been doing intuitively was presented in a framework. And missing pieces were added. Trusting to find a way to fund it, I impulsively enrolled for the Heart IQ Academy those days. One of the best and most influencial inspired actions in my life. Attending to the Academy propelled my journey, both personally and professionally. And more then “skills” it brought me to more in depth confidence, to more loving of the unique person I am, and the unique beings others are and more allowance to tap into my desires and express them. Maybe the greatest gift was to learn about the importance of creating (inner) safety, to be able to open up and let others in, to really receive and feel others and in doing so, allowing them to feel safe, open up and receive. Feeling connection, connected, heart to heart, is one of my greatest desires, if not THE greatest – and as far as I can see, that’s the case for many of us. I am so grateful the Universe having me rendezvousing with this “work”, or better: this practice, this life style and in particular with this incredible community of loving, heart driven, beautiful people!

Heart IQ Coaching

I have come to the point where I don’t value my thoughts very much anymore, and certainly don’t give them much power in guiding me through life. The language of my body, my feelings, my emotions and my intuition is what I do value these days. That’s where my slogan is related to: FEEL MORE, MIND LESS.

Christian’s work, Heart Intelligence, is a wonderful practice to feel more and, in line with the teachings of Byron Katie, Abraham-Hicks and many others, to come to accept, embrace, love our selves, for how we are, ‘warts and all’ – no need to fix anything, loving what is. Our desires show us where we want to go from where we are, our emotions guide us to enjoy this continuous, never ending, delicious journey. Like Abraham says: “The purpose of life is JOY, the result is EXPANSION”, and Heart IQ offers the practice to come into our joy, by fully embracing who we are and expanding our emotional ranges.

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