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Henny Cramers – coach | speaker | writer

I’m active as a coach since over 20 years by now. I consider my history in this field as less significant though than what is currently important for me in my work.

In my coaching I am present to whatever is moving with my clients and support them to see, feel, acknowledge and embrace all of that, thus guiding them to connect to who they are more and more.

The awareness that one is an unique human being and that no one can tell anybody what is right for them is one of the pillars of my work. Healing is not in the fixing of anything, but in the embracing of all of who we are, the positive and the negative, the wanted and the unwanted, that what we value as good and that what we reject as bad, or insufficient, or unlovable. It’s my job to offer the loving space and safety for my clients to explore what is moving, to expand awareness of what they are feeling and not feeling and to get more clarity on what it really is what they want from their heart.

I work without an agenda, nor with a specific method. The prime purpose of my support is for my clients to experience more joy in their life and greater vitality. To transform conditions like stress, pressure and numbness to more effortless being. We work with what is present, active in the moment. On subjects and topics that are important for the client and in a pace that matches them.

If you want to explore a little more about me and my background, I would like to invite you to visit my Heart IQ page and my LinkedIn page.

I typically make appointments for online coaching sessions of 90 minutes for one-on-one coaching and 120 minutes for relationship coaching, using Zoom (or Skype or Facetime). What is important is that we can schedule a time that you will not be disturbed and have the privacy of being alone in a room. I suggest to have a short discovery session first, to get to know each other and to explore together how you can benefit most from the coaching. And I’m open to any (prior) questions by mail of course.

For more details about online coaching, please check out this page:

Contact me at or using Skype (cramerscoach). My phone number is +31 6 242 131 33. Time zone GMT+1 (Europe, Amsterdam)

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