Don’t look back

Don’t look back!

I love this idea of not looking back other than to enjoy and revel in wonderful memories. I understand that there is little benefit in regret. Or maybe no benefit at all.

Abraham-Hicks - Don't Look Back

Any justification going on in our minds or towards others is saying: I believe I did something wrong and now I have to make it right. And that’s not possible. Since there is nothing tot make right. Since there is nothing wrong.

The only result of any justification (and o boy, how much I sometimes noticed parts of me keeping itself busy with that game!), is keeping that vibration of “I’ve done something wrong” or “I should have known better” or “What will others think about that?” etc, active. Keeping this idea of wrong doing, not being good (enough) dominant in my vibration. And that doesn’t serve me!

I love Abe’s interpretation of negative emotion: guidance from my inner being, making clear that what a part of me is thinking is not resonating, not in line, not aligned with what the source in me is thinking about the same subject.
So then regret would mean: I think I did something wrong and my inner being doesn’t. I think I should have done different and my inner being knows I always do the best I can in that moment.

So now I am alert … and intend to catch any justification or regret in the most early stages. I observe what my mind is doing and then simply say: “Thank you for your concern … and now I’m going to give my attention to something else …”

That is what is meant by deliberate creation … deliberate thinking … deliberate focusing. Choosing the thoughts I want to think. Choosing the reality I want to live. Choosing the truth I want to be true.

Inspired by this quote of Abraham-Hicks:

“We would spend no time looking back in any sort of justification of anything that you’ve decided.”


Credits: picture by Greyerbaby on Thanks!

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