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Testimonial Relationship Coaching – Samantha and Tye

Relationship Bliss – Testimonial Relationship Coaching

The Power of Presence

When coaching men about their relationship I often hear that they don’t know how to deal with (sometimes intense) emotional states of their partners. All of them, without exception, want to help, want to be there for her. But they don’t know how, and sometimes even gave up out of frustration and feeling powerless.

And the simple secret is … they don’t have to DO anything! The only thing required to be there for their partner is to be PRESENT. Meaning: aware of their own body and feelings, while allowing their loving, accepting attention to be with their woman. Without trying or wanting to change anything. Just being (OK) with what is.

Video Testimonial Relationship Coaching

One of the things I specially love about this wonderful testimonial is how Tye shares being more at ease with Samantha’s emotions, now knowing and applying this simple secret. Feel free to witness how much ease and relaxation Tye and Samantha achieved with very simple practices .. ūüôā

Relationship Bliss

Relationship Bliss is a 4 session online training / coaching program for couples that provides practical tools, practices and skills to deepen connection, increase intimacy and to prevent and navigate conflict.

But foremost and above all Relationship Bliss is about creating, experiencing more JOY, in your relationship and personally.

About Samantha and Tye

Samantha and Tye Moe are successful business owners, Samantha as a parenting coach ( and Tye as a family chiropractor ( They were married since about 6 months when they decided to participate in the Relationship Bliss program to bring their wonderful relationship to yet another level.

Their goal was to be able to connect and stay connected on a deep level despite busy work schedules and at times little time to spend together. They also wanted to deepen intimacy and especially create even greater (emotional) safety to be there for each other and support each other.

As an introduction to the video testimonial I love to share some written feedback Samantha sent previously:

“Henny is my favorite relationship coach who took my husband and I to the next level in our relationship. He helped us connect deeply in ways I didn‚Äôt even know how to ask for and helped us solidify our foundation so things became easier, more graceful, and gentle between us. As you can imagine this seeps into every area of our lives together.”

Watch and listen¬†how this 4 session training improved their relationship. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. The warm and light hearted energy in this testimonial is an excellent reflection of the fun and playfulness during our sessions ūüôā

Thank you, Samantha and Tye, for your open and generous sharing!

And please feel free to leave your comment or ask any question inspired by this video or about creating a fullfilling, love-full relationship below!