A matter of guilt

Do You Matter?

And do you feel guilt when you think you don’t?


This morning I received an inspirational message which said:

“God says that guilt is the feeling that keeps you stuck in who you are not.
What can you do to change that?
More importantly, are you willing to change that?”

Now, this message comes from a highly valued source, Humanity’s Team, which is related to Neale Donald Walsch, who’s books ‘Conversations with God‘ are incredible resources, highly inspiring and very much appreciated by me.

http://www.andrewgable.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/guilt1.jpgYes, I suppose guilt is one of the most devastating diminishing disempowering states of being we know, especially since most guilt is coming from conditioning, and not from our heart. Coming from others wanting us to be or do what we are not. So yes, it keeps us stuck in what we are not.

To me it’s interesting how the questions then are posed here: “what can you do to change that?” “are you willing to change that?”, which may evoke new guilt if one feels not being able to do that (one should …).

I notice that I would like questions like “would you want to change that?”, “wouldn’t be nice to change that?”, “how would it be to change that?” (or “to let go of that”).


For me my response to the Inspirational Message also relates to some thoughts I had this morning. About the idea that it is important to “matter”. In personal development world that also is an often posed question: “Do you matter?” Or a questions we are invited to ask ourselves at the end of a day or the end of our lifes: “Did I matter?”

To be honest I less and less fancy any question that has the slightest “imposing” energy in it, the slightest “should” hidden in there. The question “Do you matter” can evoke massive feelings of guilt and short coming. Desperate seeking for ways to matter.

Our very being here in this plane IS what matters, it matters in itself. We don’t have to create that. Nor do we have to leave a “legacy” (another popular concept in personal development industry and goal setting practice).

Isn’t striving to matter just another way to give the ego something to be satisfied about, something to identify with, to be “something” (“good”, “valuable”). Isn’t it just another way to fill the (conditioned) void of feeling not worthy? Where we have to DO something, to ACHIEVE something to BE someone? To gain worth? Where it is not about the fun and excitement and joy of the doing, but about the reward of the achieving. The reward of having added to ourselves, to the idea that we have become more and therefore more worthy, more valuable.

I feel like I am becoming more and more aware, more and more sensitive, of these subtle, by the way very well meant, conditionings. And I am not buying them anymore.

What matters to me is that I enjoy life, that I value life, that I appreciate being here in this plane. Whatever that looks like.

We ARE life, we ARE love, we ARE matter (as we are spirit as well) … there is nothing for us to DO to accomplish that, or to make that more.



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